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Decreased participation in activities you care about. Finding yourself in unsafe situations due to drinking. Continuing to drink despite depression, anxiety, blacking out, or alcohol’s negative effects on existing health problems. Finding you need to drink more due to an increased tolerance. An individual’s AUD can fall into one of three classifications: mild (2 to three of the above symptoms), moderate (4 to 5 symptoms), or severe (6 or more symptoms). If you’ve recognized a number of these signs and realized that your excessive drinking is negatively impacting your life, it’s time to seek help. While many people attempt getting sober alone – a process we do not recommend, as it can be very difficult and dangerous – or attending occasional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, many more decide participating in a more structured rehabilitation program is the only way they’ll truly be able to overcome addiction and start anew. It also can serve as a solid base when moving forward into outpatient rehab, click now as sometimes going to outpatient rehab without being in inpatient rehab first could prove difficult for most people, since alcohol is so readily available the best way to begin anew is to break away from it.  There are two main types of alcohol rehab treatment: Outpatient alcohol treatment is a viable option for people who have chosen to treat their addiction while still living at home and tending to daily responsibilities like work, school and family. Outpatient rehab is a good idea for individuals who have developed a drinking problem but aren’t yet physically addicted to alcohol. Many of these drug rehab programs will include medically-assisted detox, alcohol counseling sessions and daily group therapy sessions, but will be less intensive than inpatient programs. When researching outpatient facilities, it’s a good idea to keep your search within a reasonable distance from your home, as it can be necessary to visit the facility every day – especially in the beginning Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In Indiana Accepting Insurance of your treatment. Choosing inpatient alcohol rehab is the best click here for more info idea if you’ve developed a physical addiction to alcohol; if, after a short period without alcohol, your body reacts negatively. At inpatient rehab, you’ll be recovering in a safe, controlled environment with professional supervision onsite. Every treatment center handles inpatient rehab differently, but most programs will start with an intake assessment followed by detox, individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and a number of therapeutic activities. While the average stay is 30 days, most alcohol treatment centers offer programs going up to 90 days. How long you’ll need to stay in rehab will depend on your case – the severity of your addiction, the existence of any co-occurring mental disorders, and whether you’ve been to rehab before will all factor in to how much time you should invest. We recommend asking the following questions when selecting an inpatient facility: What types of treatments are offered? Learn which programs the facility favors so you can determine whether they’re right for you. Ask if they offer dual diagnosis or dialectical behavior therapy . You want to know whether you’ll be comfortable, so find out what your average day will entail and how much freedom you’ll have. Do not attend a program that doesn’t offer individualized treatment plans. Each client and addiction is different, and the rehab center should be open to trying numerous approaches and adapting along the way. While statistics on relapse and recovery rates are difficult to prove, find out as much as you can about patient satisfaction.

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